Welcome Back!

UPDATE 6/11/11

   I'm working on rebuilding the site to make it faster and more comprehensive than ever before.  I really hope everyone likes it and can help me out with lots of information and images of their own.

Talk to Me

I want feedback from you so I can make this a site for the entire Harzke family, not just the west coast Harzkes.  I want to link to your sites and I would like you to link to mine.  Help me spread this site to all of the Harzkes from California to Germany and beyond. 


If anyone is good at translating English to German let me know.  I'll be happy to work with you and create a duplicate site in German.  I've used the online translation sites before but if you've ever read stereo instructions you know why I don't want to use those.  If you know of a translator that works well, send me the link and I'll use that to translate these pages.  I found some more Harzkes in Germany, Anja Harzke and Sabine Harzke and if they can give us any more information on any of the Harzkes that would make me very happy.  If I ever hit the Lotto we're all going to have a family UNION at Sabine's!!!

Family Tree

I have a family tree file that I've been working on and I would like your help.  To download the file and work on your branches click here or click on the Download Tree button to the left.

I've had some people email me that were in the unknown list so I'll be figuring out where they fit soon. I know some of them are from the Texas branch and we haven't found a connection to our branch yet.

Jordan's Site

JD's got his own site.  He has his own camera and has taken quite a few pictures and wants to put them online.  Plus he'll be sharing the site with his friends at school.    You can check out his site HERE.